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NEW Rectangle Fog Lights with Integrated Daytime Running/Turnsignal lights are NEW all-in-one designed lights. These lights add powerful LEDs to brighten up the road while a separate set of LED daytime running lights, already built into the driving light, enhance the look on the motorcycle and promote better visibility on the road. With the dual switchback technology, this daytime running light (DRL) is a white running light and when activated by the turnsignal switch, changes to an amber blinking LED. The single projector with High Definition optics and advanced LED design produces a clean white light and throws a wide horizontal beam. It will light up a wider view of the road ahead and cut through the rain and fog like never before. These lights were a big hit at the 2015 Wing Ding. Fitment: 2012-2017 GL1800/F6B/VALKYRIE (Rectangular Style Cowls).

INSTALLATION: Plug N Play for 2012-2017 GL1800 only, F6B and Valkyrie will require adapter harness to be Plug N Play – Includes hardware, rectangle LED Fog Lights, relay switch, wire harness and instructions. Product mounts and installs to existing OEM factory pre-drilled holes and not to plastic cowl inserts. Installation videos are provided below.


F6B - PART # F6B1A

Valkyrie - PART # A-GL18RFL


Introduction Video.

NOTE: The “WHITE” DRL lights remain on when there is power to the motorcycle. The amber DRLs are controlled via your left and right turn signals. The fog lights turn on and off via the fog light switch and are controlled independently from the DRL lighting. Check local/state regulations for using this light.

NOTE: F8C Valkyrie - The amber turnsignal will not function but the white LED does remain on when there is power to the bike.

WARRANTY: The parts have date codes and for the customer, the warranty begins from the dealer’s invoice/receipt. There is an insert informing the customer to contact/email the manufacturer for technical issues. The customer must provide proof of purchase from the dealer, be issued a RMA and the lights will be replaced or repaired.


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